Skin Barrier

BOTTOM VIEW of the waifer already cut out and with a thin layer of premium (thick) ostomy paste applied. This paste does not dry and provides an extra seal against liquid leakage that can damage and soften the waifer if it gets underneath it.
Note: The sticky side of a gum waifer is not waterproof!

TOP view of skin barrier waifer applied and sealed around stoma with Karaya paste.
Dry this paste some with a hair dryer on warm setting not hot. You only need to dry the top of this paste. For longer wearing paste try a thin layer of iLEX® Skin Protectant over the paste. I have had mixed results with iLEX® and I am still experimenting.

Above skin barrier waifer assembly with old softened paste removed. Paste will peel off fairly easy with a Q-tip. Rinse with bicarbonate of soda or dilute antacid solution (a spray bottle works well), then clean and blot the skin dry with an absorbent paper towel folded (use the edge of towel.) Dust lightly with Karaya or other ostomy powder if desired.

Dry some more with the hair dryer, then carefully apply new paste with fingers and smooth with a wet finger as usual ostomy methods recommend in the instructions. Dry the ostomy paste some more, blot it with a damp paper towel if needed to press it down for a good seal.
The Karaya gum paste may wrinkle some, this is normal as this paste dries on top.

All done!